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Doctor points at three symptoms of deteriorating eyes

By Lin Hui-chin and Sherry Hsiao  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A doctor has urged the public to pay attention to dry eye syndrome, presbyopia and eye floaters, saying that the symptoms are signs that the eyes have begun to deteriorate.

Hormonal changes during menopause can lead to dry eye syndrome in women, Hsinchu Cathay General Hospital’s ophthalmology department director Chen Ying-shan (陳瑩山) said.

In people older than 60, the lacrimal glands, which secrete the aqueous layer of tear film, might start to lose function, increasing the probability of dry eye syndrome and chronic conjunctivitis, he added.

Eye floaters can occur when the vitreous gel that fills the eyeball degenerates and pulls on the retina, resulting in acute vitreous detachment, Chen said, adding that eye floaters can easily be spotted by looking at a blank surface.

The lens of the eye starts to lose elasticity after the age of 40, leading to presbyopia as the eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on closer objects and small print, he said.

Eyes are the first organs to develop in the human body and the quickest to deteriorate, Chen said.

People usually start to have problems associated with the aging of their eyes after the age of 55, he said.

However, due to the excessive use of electronic devices, these symptoms have over the past few years begun to appear at an earlier age, Chen said.

Aging of the eyes is unavoidable, Chen said, but added that people can delay these symptoms by regularly eating green vegetables, yellow fruits and foods rich in lutein, docosahexaenoic acid and other nutrients that are beneficial to the eyes, as well as by engaging in outdoor activities and reducing the time spent looking at electronic devices.

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