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Academics warn about China’s gift

BRAIN DRAIN:Beijing’s incentives program offers opportunities for Taiwan’s firms, but risks heating up competition for talent, an industry leader said

By Yang Fu-i and William Hetherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Land use

■ The same policies related to land use apply to both Taiwanese-funded enterprises and mainland enterprises. To encourage intensive land use, priority, in terms of the supply of land, will be given to Taiwanese businesses that invest in industrial projects. When confirming the lower price for releasing the land, 70 percent of the minimum price for supplying land in an equal or higher category to mainland Chinese for industrial purposes can be used.

■ Taiwanese-funded enterprises in the agricultural industry can enjoy the same subsidies as mainland Chinese enterprises in the purchase of agricultural machines; industrialization of key major enterprises; and other preferential policies.

Financial sector

■ Taiwanese financial institutions and businesses can cooperate with China UnionPay and mainland Chinese non-bank payment services in accordance with the laws and regulations to provide convenient and small-sum payment services to Taiwanese compatriots.

■ Taiwanese credit-checking institutions can cooperate with mainland Chinese credit-checking institutions to provide cross-strait compatriots and businesses with credit-checking services.

■ Taiwanese-funded banks can work with their mainland Chinese counterparts and provide financial services for the real economy through syndicated loans and other methods.

■ Taiwanese compatriots who are already certified to trade in stocks, futures and funds in Taiwan need only take a statute exam in accordance with mainland law, and do not need to take knowledge exams to work as traders in the mainland.


■ Taiwanese compatriots can sign up to participate in 53 occupational license exams for professional technicians and 81 occupational license exams for skilled workers.

■ Taiwanese professionals can apply to participate in the national “Thousand Talent Plan.” Taiwanese professionals working in mainland China can apply to participate in the national “Ten Thousand Talent Plan.”

■ Taiwanese compatriots can apply for national funding for the natural sciences, social sciences, arts, young people in science and other types of funding.

■ Taiwanese compatriots and relevant associations are encouraged to participate in programs aimed at assisting the poor through community education and housing programs, and other grassroots work.

■ Taiwanese professors are encouraged to hold teaching positions at mainland universities, with their academic achievements being admissible for the mainland evaluation system.

■ For the convenience of Taiwanese compatriots, mainland job-hunting Web sites and job-placement agencies are being upgraded and promoted to facilitate use of the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents for job hunting.


■ The government encourages Taiwanese compatriots to participate in the reading of Chinese classics, the protection of cultural heritage, the passing on and development of intangible cultural heritage and the passing on and development of other outstanding aspects of traditional Chinese culture. It encourages Taiwanese groups and individuals in the fields of arts and culture to participate in events, hosted by mainland Chinese overseas, that allow people to understand China, Chinese holidays and Chinese New Year; and to participate in plans to promote Chinese culture. Qualified cross-strait cultural projects can be included in the resource library for overseas Chinese cultural centers.

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