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Sports doctor warns over muscle tears

By Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter

Weight lifters and others who weight train should avoid excessive training or improper forms, a doctor at Taipei Medical University Hospital has warned, citing two recent cases of ruptured pectoral muscles seen at the hospital.

Sports Medicine Division director Wu Jia-lin (吳家麟) a 36-year-old man surnamed Yu (虞),who had been working out at a gym three to four times per week for seven years, was bench pressing weights about two months ago when he heard a snap at his chest and felt a pain at his arms and weakness.

Yu just thought he had strained a muscle because he could move his arms, Wu said.

However, he noticed a little swelling in his chest, which worsened over the next three weeks, prompting him to seek medical help, Wu said, adding that he had diagnosed a rupture in Yu’s pectoralis major.

The human body has two pectoralis majors, which are large fan-shaped muscles that stretch from the collarbone to the breastbone and are attach into the top of the arm bones.

They allow the arms to rotate inwards, push outward in front of the body and pull horizontally across the body, Wu said.

The pectoralis major is strong, so a rupture is rare, but most of the cases he has seen were caused by sports injuries, such as from playing US football, wrestling or weight training, or improperly doing bench presses, he said.

When acute rupture does occur, the person may hear a snap, feel weakness and pain at the arms, as well as swelling and pooling of the bloom in the arms, Wu said.

A person with a ruptured pectoralis major muscle might notice a change in the size of their pectoral muscles and a dent under the skin where the muscle ripped, he said.

When such a rupture occurs, a cold compress should be applied to the muscle and medical treatment sought, he said.

People who like to weight train should try to improve the flexibility of their tendons as they work on strengthening their muscles, always remember to use the proper form during workouts and increase the weights they are working with gradually to avoid harming their muscles, he said.

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