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INTERVIEW: Chen eyes fair fight against ‘dinosaur judges’

Newly sworn in Control Yuan member Chen Shih-meng, who reported for duty yesterday, in an interview on Friday told Chinese-language ‘Liberty Times’ (the sister newspaper of the ‘Taipei Times’) staff reporter Chung Li-hua that he would focus on three types of ‘dinosaur judges,’ namely those who bend the law to punish pan-green camp politicians, shield pan-blue camp members and protect the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) illegally acquired assets

The two individuals who brought the case are the ones who are the most familiar with it, yet they are not permitted to vote on it. This adds unnecessary hindrance to the case. I really hope these internal rules can be changed.

LT: You have been criticized for your frankness. Do you think you will change after being sworn in?

Chen: In regard to how far I will go with my speech after I am in the Control Yuan, I will need to first carefully read the Control Yuan’s regulations. The Control Yuan has a disciplinary committee, and I am afraid that if I were sent to that committee I would be unable to handle any case — I would be unable to do anything.

I have rarely heard of anyone in the Control Yuan expressing their opinions or explaining the operations of the Control Yuan to anyone on the outside. However, I do not think there is any need for the Control Yuan to be overly mysterious, like a government office in feudal China.

From the beginning I always felt that this [mystery] was abnormal. The courts are moving toward greater transparency, even broadcasting sessions live.

I hope we can change the culture of the Control Yuan. Let it open its doors, do things more in touch with the public. This will increase the public’s trust in the Control Yuan.

From the time I was nominated last year until now, I admit that I have said a lot of things. However, I want everyone, including my adversaries, to know a little bit more [about my intentions]. I do not hide that I plan to deal with “dinosaur judges.” I do not want them to feel like they are being ambushed, or like this is a surprise attack.

Although I might come under attack from prosecutors, judges and groups of lawyers, if they are waiting for me to back down, they will be waiting forever.

Translated by staff writers Jonathan Chin and William Hetherington

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