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Bus driver filmed peeling pomelo while driving

WHOSE FAULT?While most netizens criticized the driver for not focusing on his task, some took the poster to task for not castigating the driver

By Chang Yi-chen and Jonathan Chin  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A Facebook user on Tuesday posted a video showing a bus driver peeling a pomelo while driving down a freeway tunnel for two minutes at high speed with just his elbows on the wheel.

The video was uploaded to the public group Yilan Knowledge Plus (宜蘭知識+) by a user surnamed Hsu (許), who said she took the video while riding a bus from New Taipei City’s Sindian District (新店) to Yilan County.

The driver appeared not to have lunched and consumed a loaf of bread before the bus got on the freeway, Hsu said.

From Hsu’s description, the incident likely occurred on Freeway No. 5.

“I thought things would be OK after he had eaten his meal,” Hsu said.

However, as the bus approached the freeway tunnel, the driver produced a pomelo, which he proceeded to peel while steering the bus with his elbows, she said.

“You could smell the pomelo throughout the bus, but he did not even eat it. Why then did he peel it while driving?” Hsu wrote.

“I do not want people to get angry, but I really want to ask: Is it safe to drive like that?” she said.

Most Facebook commentators said the driver’s behavior was unsafe and a complaint should be filed with the bus company.

“Does your mother know you are doing stunt driving with a bus full of passengers?” one netizen wrote.

However, several netizens expressed impatience that Hsu did not demand that the driver focus on the road immediately.

“You did not do anything about it and you were on that bus. If something happened to that bus you were going down with it,” another Facebook user said.

Sources said the driver has been called to Metropolitan Transport Corp’s headquarters in Taipei to be disciplined and retrained.

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