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Prison sentence upheld in Fu Jen student rape case

A VICTORY AND A LOSS:While the defendant saw his prison sentence upheld, an administrative court ruled that the university had wrongly expelled him

By Yang Kuo-wen and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Taiwan High Court yesterday rejected an appeal by a former Fu Jen Catholic University student, surnamed Wang (王), in a June 2015 rape case.

The court upheld the original three-and-a-half years prison sentence, adding that the ruling can be appealed.

Wang was convicted of attempting to rape a woman surnamed Wu (吳) after a graduation party that lasted until 3am on June 28, the court said.

Wang excused himself from the party, saying that he would escort Wu back to her dorm as she was already drunk, but then attempted to rape her, the court said.

Wang was interrupted by Wu’s boyfriend, surnamed Chu (朱), who came to the building where the party was being held after she did not answer her telephone, it said.

After the incident was reported to the police by other people at the party, Wang continued to deny any wrongdoing, saying he had no memory of his actions due to intoxication.

According to testimony by classmates, Wu and Chu, Wang had already removed his clothing and Wu’s, and touched her privates, an act that the court said supported Wu’s claims.

There was evidence that Wang attempted penetration, but he appeared to not actually have succeeded, the court said.

Wang was convicted for disrespecting the sexual autonomy of women, denial of his actions, attempts to conceal his act and failure to offer Wu any sort of compensation, the court said.

Wang was expelled from university after the incident, but launched an administrative suit against the university.

In a separate case, the Taipei High Administrative Court agreed with Wang that the university’s Sexual Harassment Review Panel’s investigation of the issue was flawed.

The court found for Wang, ordering the panel to re-launch its investigation and punish Wang in a manner other than expulsion.

The administrative suit can be appealed.

The case sparked controversy after Chu accused former College of Social Sciences dean Hsia Lin-ching (夏林清) of covering up the case and forcing Wu to apologize.

This had caused Wu further harm, Chu said on Facebook.

After the post sparked a backlash against the university, university president Chiang Han-sun (江漢聲) in September last year apologized for the school’s handling of the case and suspended Hsia.

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