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Varicose veins can hit those who stand at work: physicians

By Chen Chien-chih and Jonathan Chin  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Older people, counter clerks, cooks, hairdressers and stylists are at risk of developing varicose veins in their legs, Asia University Hospital cardiovascular surgeon Liu Yin-tso (劉殷佐) said.

The main cause of varicose veins is the loss of function of the venous valves that can occur as a result of aging, obesity or standing for long periods, which overburdens the circulatory system, Liu said.

As well as being unsightly, in severe cases varicose veins can cause pain or skin ulcers, he said.

Liu cited the case of one of his patients, a keen mountain climber surnamed Hung (洪) who developed varicose veins in his legs, which became acutely painful and ulcerous.

Another patient, surnamed Hsu (許), who sold boxed lunches, developed highly visible bulging varicose veins in his thighs and shins, Liu said.

Although both of advanced years, Hung’s recreational mountaineering and Hsu’s occupation — which required him to stand up for long periods preparing and serving food — contributed to them developing the condition, Liu said.

Both patients were successfully treated with microsurgery and discharged the day after their procedures, he said.

Varicose veins can affect people both men and women, Liu said.

To avoid the condition, people in professions that require them to stand for long periods should avoid wearing tight clothing or high heels, take short walks at regular intervals, rest, have massages, raise their feet and keep their weight under control, he said.

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