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Police bring in screaming schoolgirl covered in blood after cars vandalized

By Wang Chin-yi and William Hetherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A high-school student from Yilan City was taken to a police station in Hualien on Friday after she allegedly vandalized several cars.

Police said one of the car owners came to the station to report that they found several scratch marks across their vehicle’s body and windows.

Police searched the area around the car and found a girl, surnamed Lin (林), standing in the street covered in blood and screaming.

A police officer talked to Lin to calm her down and persuaded her to go to the police station, where officers contacted her parents.

The girl said the blood was from a pig she killed with a rock at a local farm.

Lin’s parents told officers that they are strict with Lin’s education, as her father is an elementary-school principal.

They said the recent addition of a baby girl to the family has also been a source of stress for Lin, adding that they did not realize the severity of her situation.

One car’s owner said they were distressed by the damage done to their vehicle, which they said was bought recently.

Lin’s parents apologized to the car owners and said they will cover all expenses.

The car owners said they will not press charges and expressed the hope that Lin will receive medical treatment.

Police said they went to the farm where Lin claimed she killed a pig, but there were no reports of dead or injured pigs.

Hualien Children and Family Association counselor Lin Chiu-fen (林秋芬) said the girl must have felt discontent and resentful and had no way to relieve stress.

Her use of violent behavior to deal with her emotions was probably an act of protest, Lin Chiu-fen said, adding that the girl’s parents should seek help from a school guidance counselor or a medical professional.

“The parents must not push the issue aside or avoid dealing with it because of the father’s social standing,” Lin Chiu-fen said.

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