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Literature textbook incorporating social media wins praise

By Jonathan Chin  /  Staff writer

A Chinese language and literature textbook for eighth-grade students published by Han Lin Publishing Co is displayed in an undated picture.

Photo provided by Han Lin Publishing Co

A newly released literature textbook for junior-high school students has received rave reviews from netizens for incorporating social media into the study of classical Chinese (文言文).

Facebook user Yu Fan Meet (郭凡瑀) recently posted an image of a section of a Chinese literature textbook by Han Lin Publishing Co introducing Tang Dynasty writer Liu Yuxi’s (劉禹錫) classical prose-poem The Scholar’s Humble Dwelling, which was set in the format of a mock Facebook page.

Yu Fan Meet’s post has received at least 8,400 likes and been shared by other Facebook users.

It has also received positive comments, with one Facebook poster saying: “I would have been more willing to memorize classical Chinese with a textbook like this.”

The two-page section of the textbook for second-year junior-high students also features Liu’s other writings, with fictitious comments left by other famed Chinese literary figures, such as Yuan Zhen (元稹) and Bai Juyi (白居易).

Location tabs and personal information are included in the made-up Facebook wall.

Han Lin Publishing said it was the first time it had tried out this format.

“As the author of The Scholar’s Humble Dwelling is Liu Yuxi, the writer of the lesson at our publishing house hopes that using Facebook as a medium might bring the ancient writer closer to the lives of modern students,” Han Lin said.

While the section has already drawn a positive response online, Han Lin said it is still waiting for feedback from students and faculty, as that section would not be taught until later this semester.

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