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INTERVIEW: AIT director Moy looks forward to working with Tsai

Saying that US-Taiwan relations are probably as strong as they have ever been, in a joint interview with the ‘Taipei Times’ and its sister newspaper the ‘Liberty Times,’ American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Kin Moy on Friday expressed confidence about the prospect of forging strong ties with president-elect Tsai Ing-wen’s administration, while adding that the US encourages Taipei and Beijing to maintain dialogues

In line with the coordination and cooperation I discussed before, I think there is a tendency — I do not mean it as a criticism, but as an observation — that [Taiwan] try to put emphasis on items or areas that are the most expensive or create headline stories.

I think the most important thing is you have to take a comprehensive look at is your defense. You have to make determinations on what things you need. I can just offer that we will provide as much assistance as we possibly can to help out because we are firmly committed to helping in this very important area.

Question: The US has been saying that it favors and encourages cross-strait dialogues. However, what lies in front of us is the fact that Tsai and the DPP clearly state the “1992 consensus” does not exist. Would the US encourage Beijing to take up the new mandate of Taiwan, as in Tsai’s new offer to not insist on attaching the “1992 consensus” to the foundation of cross-strait dialogues [but rather a new formula for coexistence]?

Moy: We don’t define the term, it’s for the parties to be able to do that. The bottom line though is that we are encouraging a dialogue, a kind of engagement, because we feel that it really does reduce tension a lot and that really creates a much better environment for all countries in this region. We really are not a party to this and so we really shouldn’t have a view on something that has been discussed in the past.

I have noted though, I did read the interview you did with Madame Tsai and one of the questions was about the cross-strait relationship. I think she said it quite articulately, I don’t have a view on specific things she said necessarily, but in terms of overall engagement, dialogue, if this leads to that kind of engagement, something that has been going on for the last few years and culminating with the meeting in Singapore, then certainly the United States would be supportive.

The interview was conducted by Staff Reporters:Tzou Jiing-wen, Huang Tai-lin, Lisa Wang and Stacy Hsu

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