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2014 ELECTIONS: Ethnic discrimination seen in KMT attacks

‘TRAITOR’ TALK:A long-time democracy activist joined an academic in decrying what they said were humiliating attacks on Taipei mayoral candidate Ko Wen-je

By Alison Hsiao  /  Staff reporter

She eventually complies with the demands of the officer and her travel partners. Despite having sacrificed her dignity for them, Butterball faces disdain from the other travelers after they are freed.

“It is the dark side of the humanity, and Lien Chan and Hau have demonstrated it. They despise Taiwanese and look at those who lived under Japanese colonial rule through the lenses of racial discrimination,” Chen said.

Lien Chan lied by claiming that his grandfather left Taiwan for China to fight against Japan, Chen said.

“Lien Ya-tang (連雅堂) never did that. Those Taiwanese who fought against Japan stayed and were slaughtered by the KMT in the 228 Incident, when Lien Chan’s father, Lien Chen-dong (連震東), was busy taking over properties left by the Japanese,” Chen wrote.

“I might have only one vote, but people like me, who have limitless bravery when facing history, are definitely not the minority,” he said.

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