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Abolishing Control Yuan will be good for nation: Wang

By Lee Hsin-fang  /  Staff reporter

While President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) is struggling to have his nominees for the Control Yuan’s next term approved by the legislature, the outgoing head of the government watchdog yesterday called for its closure, saying the move would be beneficial to the nation and the public.

“Close down the Control Yuan and that will bring the nation fortune because the system is fraught with flaws and it is not easy to find people who are qualified to serve as Control Yuan members,” Control Yuan President Wang Chien-shien said during a talk with reporters yesterday.

However, not everybody agrees with Wang.

Central Election Commission Chairperson Chang Po-ya (張博雅), who has been nominated to succeed Wang, quickly rebutted his argument.

Nearly 150 countries worldwide have supervisory systems that handle public complaints, Chang said, adding that the existence of the Control Yuan is advantageous to the nation.

Wang’s contention is wrong, Chang said, but she would rather not level criticism against Wang because “he is about to leave the office.”

The work that the Control Yuan has done, such as its investigations into the high-profile Lafayette-class frigate scandal and the case of “pseudo-farmers” cashing in on elderly farmers’ pension, proves that it is useful to the nation, Chang said.

Wang yesterday said the Control Yuan is doomed to be abolished.

Aside from its systematic flaws, finding people of noble character and unquestionable integrity to staff the government watchdog is hard, Wang said.

Wang, known for his harsh criticism of some of his colleagues, yesterday said that some Control Yuan members have been “bewitched by power,” although they started out being nice people when they took office.

“Power drives a person mad. Some Control Yuan members were well-behaved when they were appointed to the position. Less than half a year later, they went mad. However, they are forgivable because they are human beings,” Wang said.

As to public criticism that the Control Yuan is a “toothless tiger,” Wang said: “The Control Yuan has teeth. Not only that, it can bite a person to death. Even worse, when the Control Yuan wrongly accuses a government official, it does not draw condemnation, but applause.”

A Control Yuan member can make a fuss over a trivial thing involving a government official that was reported in the media and establish a case against that official simply because of a personal grudge, Wang said.

When a case has been established, said official may be subpoenaed and the case may drag on with no end in sight, Wang said.

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