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FEATURE: Porcelain artist puts Yingge on map

WORKHORSE:The artist is always trying something new, and she is one of the key reasons that Yingge has a place on the global stage, a museum director said

By Liu Yen-fu and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

“Even with sundry day-to-day items, like staplers and coasters, Yang’s unique style of design shows through,” Chen said.

He added that Yang produces her own creative design, doing it through an independence of ideas and an originality that is all her own.

“Yang always insists on surpassing herself, by trying new things. This is one of the reasons that Yingge products continue to have a presence on the international stage,” Chen said.

Yang said she thinks it is unlikely that the past glory of Yingge, as the leading artisan town in Taiwan with large-scale production of pottery and ceramics for export, will return.

“For the future of Yingge, there are only two possible outcomes: a town for story-telling, or a decline into the sunset,” she said.

Yang offered some encouragement to younger generations.

“The life of an artist is simplistic compared with the lives of other people. Young artists must think outside of the box, and not be confined by school education,” she said.

“If they are willing to make new creative works by incorporating art media and elements from different fields, then young artists can survive in the market and still retain their self-worth,” she added.

Yang added that she is opposed to the government’s rush to implement the cross-strait service trade agreement.

“If the pact is approved, Chinese businesses can set up their factories and showrooms in Taipei and Taoyuan. Then visitors do not need to come to Yingge and artisans will not ply their trade here,” she said.

“However, we can link up Yingge’s pottery and ceramics production chain. We can set up workshops and showcase factories for people to experience the process from clay molding to firing in the kiln and delivery to customers’ homes,” Yang said.

“This way, story-telling about Yingge can continue, but be upgraded to new levels and sustained into the future,” she added.

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