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Policeman’s song saves woman from fasting

EPIPHANY:A Greater Kaohsiung police officer believes that music can speak louder than words, using singing to make emotional breakthroughs with people in need

By Stacy Hsu  /  Staff writer

A police officer’s quick wits and impromptu singing soothed a 34-year-old woman’s broken heart, ending her week-long hunger strike that was triggered by her relationship ending.

The woman’s family, surnamed Wang (王), turned to Greater Kaohsiung’s Rueilong Police Station for help after Wang refused to eat anything since Lunar New Year’s Day on Jan. 31 after being dumped by her boyfriend for “being overweight,” the Chinese-language United Daily News reported.

Sergeant Kuo Hsin-hui (郭鑫暉) and police officer Chang Shih-hsiang (張世祥) stopped by Wang’s home and found her sitting on her bed looking despondent.

The pair first tried to talk some sense into Wang, but she did not respond to anything they said.

Chang then started singing Taiwanese “therapeutic diva” Winnie Hsin’s (辛曉琪) signature song, Epiphany (領悟), the most memorable lyrics of which are “Ah, what a painful epiphany, you were once my everything” (啊!多麼痛的領悟,你曾是我的全部).

Upon hearing Chang singing, Wang broke down and started crying in her mother’s arms.

After she had stopped, Chang told Wang that it was not worthwhile to torture herself and her family over a man who judged women on their appearance.

The report said Wang gently nodded her head, gesturing her agreement.

“[Chang] caught me by surprise when he sang the song out of the blue in such a tense atmosphere … I did not expect that his impromptu performance would work better [for Wang] than the half-hour lecture I gave her,” Kuo was quoted by the report as saying.

Chang said that music sometimes speaks louder than words alone.

One of Chang’s colleagues, who requested anonymity, said he was a humorous man who often sang to lighten up awkward situations.

“There was a time when a young woman forced her boyfriend to go into the police station because he had cheated on her. Out of nowhere, Chang started singing [Taiwanese singer Michelle Pan’s (潘越雲) famous song] The Way of Love (愛情這條路),” the colleague said.

“The song made the woman burst out laughing and she eventually reconciled with her boyfriend,” the colleague added.

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