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Neighborhood cat trapped in empty house recovered

By Jake Chung  /  Staff writer, with CNA

A member of Animal Rescue Team Taiwan pets a cat yesterday that the team helped rescue with assistance from police in Greater Kaohsiung after it was trapped in an empty house for 10 days.

Photo: CNA

A female stray cat nicknamed Hsiao Niu (小牛) was trapped in an empty house for more than 10 days before being rescued by Animal Rescue Team Taiwan (ARTT) with the aid of Greater Kaohsiung police department.

The animal care group yesterday said that Hsiao Niu was a familiar face in Alley 24, Linsen Second Road in Greater Kaohisung’s Lingya District (苓雅).

The local residents had been worried when the cat disappeared on Jan 20.

The woman who saw to Hsiao Niu’s feeding, who goes by the surname Linda, made an online posting for volunteers to help find the stray cat.

After seeing the post, ARTT organized groups of volunteers to help search for the stray cat and asked the Mincyuan precinct for help.

After going through the security footage for Alley 24 on Jan 20, volunteers discovered that Hsiao Niu had last made an appearance near an empty house.

The group contacted the house’s owner and asked the owner to open the doors to the house, where the group found the starved Hsiao Niu.

The group said the cat may have entered the house out of curiosity and was locked in afterwards with no way to get out.

The group sent the cat to a veterinary doctor, as it was weak from starvation and lack of liquids, and said that local residents had been overjoyed to hear that Hsiao Niu had been found.

After the cat has recovered its health the group would see what it could do to help it find a new home, the group said.

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