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Taxi driver’s extramarital motel sex proves fatal

OVER-STIMULATION:A brain stroke, or hemorrhagic stroke, frequently occurs during intercourse, happening quickly and with fatal consequences, a heart expert says

By Huang Wen-huang and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A taxi driver surnamed Chen (陳) died of a stroke on Tuesday after having sex with a woman behind his wife’s back.

The woman, surnamed Juan (阮), said she and Chen visited a motel at 1pm, adding that after intercourse, Chen drank some water and lay on the bed while she went to take a shower.

Juan said she heard Chen exhale loudly and when she came out of the shower to check on him, he was sprawled on the bed, paralyzed and unconscious.

Despite Juan performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Chen and calling 119, he did not survive the stroke, the police said, adding that an initial diagnosis of the cause of death was an overstraining of the heart.

Juan said she met Chen while working as a nurse six years ago, as Chen specialized in transporting patients with chronic diseases.

Reviewing security footage, the police said Chen looked normal when entering the motel with Juan, but they learned from family members later that Chen had high blood pressure, which required regular medication.

Coroners cited heart illness for Chen’s death after the autopsy, adding that it may have been due to an increased heart rate, leading to dysrhythmia and ultimately heart failure.

Chen’s family declined to comment as they retrieved Chen’s body to prepare for the funeral.

Commenting on the case, Greater Tainan’s Chi Mei Hospital cardiology department head Chen Chih-cheng (陳志成) said that stroke in the brain frequently occurs during intercourse and is fatal.

Any cardiac problem usually happens very fast, and 119 should immediately be dialed if no one trained in emergency medical treatment is nearby, Chen Chih-cheng said.

Chih-cheng added that even then, the patient should be taken to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Taiwanese Association of Andrology Director-General Chien Pang-ping (簡邦平) said that during sex, the arteries constrict due to an excited sympathetic nervous system, causing blood pressure to increase, and leading to a possible heart attack, brain stroke or other cardiospulmonary incidents.

Chien said research has been conducted on links between sexual partners, environment and cardiopulmonary accidents, with the conclusion that the more stimulating the sex or environment in which the act occurs, the higher the risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

“If you discover your partner has fainted, their expression becomes slack and distorted, is feeling severe head pains or is weak on one side of the body during sex, you should immediately stop and call 119,” Chien said.

Additional reporting by Lin Meng-ting and Wei Yi-chia

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