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Alliance opposes proposed changes to marriage rules

NO ADOPTIONS:Proponents of marriage remaining exclusively between one man and one woman say that same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt children

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter

Members of advocacy groups talk during a press conference in the Legislative Yuan building in Taipei yesterday as they called on what they call the “silent majority” of the public to attend a demonstration on Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei on the Saturday next week in support of regulations limiting marriage to between one man and one woman.

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Opponents to a proposed amendment to the Civil Code which would allow same-sex marriage condemned the proposal at a press conference yesterday, alleging that the amendment would lead to the collapse of moral values and the family system, and labeled their fight against same-sex marriage “a disadvantaged majority challenging a dominant minority.”

“We want a family with a father and a mother,” “Teach children about sex in a healthy way,” a group of mothers who formed the Alliance for the Happiness of the Next Generation chanted at the beginning of their press conference at the Legislative Yuan building yesterday.

“If amendments to Article 972 of the Civil Code were passed, children could be adopted by families consisting of two men or two women. Is that beneficial to children when they make their discoveries about sex?” a member of the alliance who wished to be known as Mrs Chang (張) asked during the press conference.

“I am a teacher at an elementary school, and I firmly believe that it is better for a child to grow up in a family formed by a man and a woman, with a father and a mother in a stable relationship,” she said.

She was referring to an amendment proposed by lawmakers to revise Article 972 of the Civil Code, which currently reads: “A marriage contract shall be made voluntarily by the man and the woman involved,” to “A marriage contract shall be made voluntarily by the two parties involved.”

Chang went on to voice strong opposition to allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.

“If same-sex couples are allowed to be married and adopt children, we are essentially destroying heaven and Earth for those children, their lives will be unstable, they would not know who they are, and would not know where they are heading,” Chang said. “I am standing up to speak out for thousands of children who would be doomed [if same-sex marriage is legalized].”

Another member of the group, who wished to be known as Mrs Chu (朱), said that she has three children and is concerned about the future of the nation and her children after looking into the proposed amendments.

She said that family diversity bills, the proposal to decriminalize adultery and gender equality education will lead to sexual liberation.

An alliance member surnamed Chen (陳) said that some goals same-sex marriage advocates hope to achieve can be reached without legalizing same-sex marriage.

“Some advocates say that marriage would ensure same-sex couples’ right to inherit each other’s property and to sign medical agreements for each other,” Chen said. “But such issues can be accomplished through mutual agreements or by putting properties into a trust.”

Various reporters questioned the connection between same-sex marriage and sexual liberation — as well as the connection between same-sex marriage and the decriminalization of adultery, since they are not mentioned in the proposals — but the participants did not directly address the questions.

The alliance announced that it has worked with other groups to organize a rally against same-sex marriage on Ketagalan Boulevard in front of the Presidential Office at 2:30pm on Saturday next week.

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