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Cooler climate predicted

Temperatures in northern Taiwan could drop to 20°C tomorrow night due to strengthening seasonal winds from the northeast, the Central Weather Bureau has forecast. While northern and northeastern parts of the nation will experience relatively cooler weather and sporadic rain through Thursday, central and southern Taiwan are likely to experience sunshine, bureau forecasters said. Daytime highs in the north and northeast are not expected to exceed 26°C, the bureau said. Central and southern areas are expected to be less affected by the northeast monsoon, with daytime highs ranging from 28°C to 30°C, and lows between 21°C and 25°C in the south, the forecasters said. Temperatures in the north and northeast of the country are set to rise by 2°C to 3°C next weekend as the monsoon weakens, they added.


Yuan Zai betters motor skills

Giant panda cub Yuan Zai (圓仔) has been making steady progress in learning to walk as her limbs become stronger, enabling the baby bear to keep herself upright and walk longer distances, Taipei Zoo said. In a video released by the zoo yesterday, the cub is seen taking small steps inside her cage. In the video, Yuan Zai seems to be struggling to remain upright and walk a short distance without falling. The imbalance is due to her front limbs being stronger than the back ones, zookeepers said. However, the discrepancy has improved over time and now that her back limbs are stronger, the panda cub can walk increasingly longer distances without falling, zoo officials said. Yuan Zai now weighs slightly more than 6kg, compared with just 183.4g when she was born on July 6. The zoo’s star attraction has also begun teething, the officials added.


Central counties join heads

The heads of the Greater Taichung, Changhua County and Nantou County governments have decided to form a task force to coordinate efforts to develop the free economic demonstration zone being set up in Taichung Harbor, Changhua County Commissioner Cho Po-yuan (卓伯源) said. The task force, to be convened by the Greater Taichung Economic Development Bureau, will be responsible for creating an environment conducive to the growth of promising regional industries by integrating local resources and implementing a development plan, the commissioner said. Cho said the task force was aimed at becoming a platform for cooperation between the three administrative districts and promoting their mutual benefit. The three local governments also intend to seek financial assistance from the central government to support cross-district activities, as well as joint efforts to promote regional products in the Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese markets, Cho said.


Yushan issues monkey alert

Yushan National Park authorities warned visitors yesterday to beware of the Formosan macaques that inhabit the area, saying that one of the monkeys recently attacked multiple people at a public restroom in the park. A strong, male monkey has been biting or scratching people at a restroom at the Shishan service station, park officials said. They cautioned visitors not to get too close to wild animals, which can get agitated if approached, park administration deputy director Wu Hsiang-chien (吳祥堅) said. Anyone who is bitten or scratched by an animal is advised to wash the wound for 15 minutes and seek medical attention, Wu said. Park authorities have stepped up patrols to protect visitors, he added.

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