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FEATURE: Thousands of Taiwanese have ability to communicate with ghosts: psychiatrists

By Yang Chiu-ying and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

“If ghosts or evil spirits are interfering with a person’s life or trying to do them harm, one can stay safe by refusing any temptation. Malevolent beings cannot harm you as long as you have no greed or material wants in your heart, or try to seek fame and glory from your special ability,” Lu added.

Several individuals renowned for possessing extra-sensory perception said that if they had the choice, they would shut off their abilities.

Sofia Liu (劉柏君), also known as Sofia (索非亞), author of Medium of the Spiritual Realm (靈界的譯者), has spoken of the downsides of talking with the dead.

“People need not envy those with channeling abilities. At times, I have been taking a bath and suddenly looked up to see four feet dangling in front me. While trying to enjoy a book, I have been interrupted by violent crying sounds. This led people to think I was suffering from a mental disorder,” she said.

Liu said that she has dealt with these negative aspects by putting them out of her mind and focusing on other things.

“Also, I avoid going near Taoist and Buddhist ritual sites, as well as religious centers. Another good tactic is to find a faith to devote yourself to,” she said.

Master Hui Tzu (慧慈), resident teacher at the Fazhi Shengtian Temple (法旨聖天宮) in New Taipei City’s Bali District (八里), is also said to possess special sensory abilities.

“Dealing with humans is already difficult enough without having to also interact with ghosts,” she said. “When you have this special ability, ghosts and evil spirits will seek you out. Before, I would have to deal with things like spirits appearing to fight me for a chair if I was going to sit down.”

She said that only when she became a devotee of the Taoist Supreme God Sanching (三清道祖) was she able to control her powers and use them to help others.

Hui Tzu added that in her experiences dispensing advice and telling fortunes, she has encountered several cases of people suffering terrible fates because they reneged on promises they made to spirits in exchange for favors or revelations after getting what they asked for.

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