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FEATURE: Chicken farmers voice opposition to slaughter ban

By Loa Iok-sin  /  Staff reporter

Other chicken farmers have different worries.

A chicken farmer surnamed Chang (張) also believed that the ban would only make things worse.

“The government could actually make it safe for consumers under the current system, because all the chickens would be assembled at wholesale markets before being sold to individual retailers, which is where the veterinarians may inspect the chickens,” Chang said. “But in the future, how could you be sure that each chicken that comes out from a certified slaughterhouse is without problem?”

He said that since electric slaughtering would cost more, slaughterhouses may handle chickens in unconventional ways to cut costs, yet still sell the chickens to the markets as certified products.

“I’ve heard some slaughterhouses are doing so already — some farmers would sell their sick chickens to electric slaughterhouses because you can’t tell by the appearance whether the chickens you’re buying are safe if they’ve already been slaughtered and well packed,” Chang said. “But you can tell if a chicken is healthy if it’s alive in the market, and in fact, we would always pick the healthiest chickens to be sold live in markets.”

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