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FEATURE: Activists improve animal rights one county at a time

Staff writer, with CNA

There are not many animal rights groups in Taiwan and many animal rights activists are mild-mannered dog and cat-lovers and volunteers, compared with the highly vocal environmental activists, Ho said.

This is because issues such as industrial pollution and nuclear safety have a more direct effect on human lives, so the parties involved are usually more outspoken, he added.

“Only in a progressive society do people start thinking about animal rights,” Ho said.

Ho’s activism has included work on issues such as clean elections, environmental protection, educational reform and community-building.

Ho nevertheless predicted that deaths at animal shelters in Taiwan could be stopped within a decade.

He said adoption rates for stray dogs and cats are rising, while shelter deaths are declining in areas such as Taipei, Greater Tainan and Greater Kaohsiung.

“It is not a pan-blue or pan-green issue,” Ho said.

Furthermore, animal rights is not an issue that involves the interests of large corporations, he added.

“I think it will be easier to address than environmental, labor or women’s rights issues,” Ho said. “We will do it one county at a time.”

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