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FEATURE: Designer’s political graphics make splash

‘DEVISING INTO POLITICS’:Designer Chang Chin-sheng has become a sensation on the Web by using representations of Chinese characters to skewer politicians

By Lin Hsiao-yun and Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter, with Staff writer

“In Hoklo [commonly known as Taiwanese], there is a saying that goes: ‘Red is beautiful, and black confers sophistication.’ Red is the color that most readily arouses people’s feelings,” he said.

“Therefore, for my Devising Into Politics series production, I chose to express messages with black words printed on a red background. When having creative ideas, the hardest part is trying to find the appropriate styling of words. Once the right one is found, then I begin the process of creating a new image,” Chang said.

Among his works is the combined graphic image of the words for the surname “Soong” (宋) and the character for “feeling pleasurable” (爽).

In last year’s presidential election, Chang said People First Party Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) entered the race, much to the displeasure of the pan-blue camp, but to the delight of the pan-green camp, which believed Soong would split the pan-blue vote.

He said that in Hoklo, the word “Soong” and the word for “feeling pleasurable” have the same pronunciation, so he came up with the design, a print of which now hangs over the toilet at his house.

To date, his Devising Into Politics includes 70 works. They are all tinged with humor and sharp criticism to express political messages.

Chang’s latest innovative design was for the anti-nuclear protest that took place yesterday nationwide.

“In the beginning, I was worried that my productions were too political and might affect my business. However, the issues I am concerned about are those that all citizens should take an active interest in. If my productions can affect the audience and strike a chord with them, then I will continue to make these design creations,” he said.

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