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Number of civil servants hit eight-year high in 2012

Staff writer, with CNA

The number of civil servants hit an eight-year high of 343,861 at the end of last year, Ministry of Civil Service statistics showed.

The size of the government work force increased last year by 538 people compared with 2011, the ministry said, adding that it would monitor the effects of an ongoing government restructuring after the plan is completed.

Organizational changes — such as the privatization of state-owned enterprises and government restructuring — in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan have helped reduce the number of government jobs by 13.38 percent, 9.14 percent and 21.14 percent respectively over the past decade, the ministry said.

Temporary and “dispatch” workers hired by government agencies in the nation totaled 90,072 in 2012, the figures show.

The government’s personnel costs reached NT$1.18 trillion (US$39.8 billion) in 2011, including NT$137 billion for military personnel, the statistics show.

Meanwhile, the number of male employees, totaling 206,784, accounted for 60.14 percent of the entire government work force last year, the ministry said.

Female civil servants comprised 50.07 percent of all mid-level government employees, outnumbering men for the first time.

However, women still made up the minority among senior civil servants, accounting for only 27.17 percent.

There were 6,707 Aborigines holding government positions, accounting for 1.95 percent of the total, while people with disabilities made up 1.87 percent.

The average age of civil servants was 43.39 years, 0.1 years younger than in 2011 and the first time the average age of government workers had dropped.

In terms of education levels, more than 85 percent of the civil servants held a bachelor’s degree or above.

Civil servants profile:

‧ Total as of last year: 343,861.

‧ Male employees: 60.14 percent of total.

‧ Aboriginal workers: 1.95 percent of total.

‧ People with disabilities: 1.87 percent.

‧ Mid-level female civil servants: 50.07 percent of all mid-level employees.

‧ Average age: 43.39 years.

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