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Disabled dog given new lease on life

GOOD SAMARITANS:Moved by the plight of a dog left badly crippled by a traffic accident, a post office worker and the owner of a hair salon helped it regain mobility

By Fu Chao-piao and Stacy Hsu  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

Chang Jui-chen poses on Saturday last week with the dog she helped save in Miaoli City.

Photo: Fu Chao-piao, Taipei Times

Three Miaoli City residents have helped give a dog injured in a traffic accident a chance at a better life.

Chang Jui-chen (張瑞珍), an employee of Miaoli City’s Nanmiao Post Office, was the first to help out, by paying for the dog’s medical bills. Her help inspired a couple to launch a fundraiser to provide the dog with a custom-built wheelchair.

According to Chang, the one-year-old dog became paralyzed after its hind legs were run over by a motorcyclist when it and its owner were crossing a street.

The owner did not take the dog to a veternarian because he feared the bills would be too costly, Chang said.

The dog was reduced to dragging the lower half of its body and its hind legs to get around, which caused wounds and constant bleeding, she said.

“I came across the dog on the street one day and seeing it move with such difficulty devastated me and I choked up with tears,” Chang said.

She offered to take the dog to a vet and pay for its treatment.

Worried that the dog might be afraid of strangers, Chang begged its owner to accompany her to the animal hospital to stay with his pet during the examination.

X-rays showed that the dog’s hind legs could not be saved because the injuries had been left untreated for too long.

Despite the gloomy news, Chang occasionally sent food and blankets to the dog’s owner, hoping that the dog would receive better attention.

News of Chang’s kindness reached the ears of Chen Kun-chou (陳焜洲), a hair salon operator, and his wife, Huang Chao-ying (黃照瑛), who were so touched by Chang’s dedication to the dog that they launched a fund-raising drive among their customers to help the dog.

To help the dog move around, the couple asked a dog-wheelchair expert in Yilan County to custom-build one, which cost about NT$6,400.

The dog also found a new home on Sunday, when its owner gave it to Chang because he had financial difficulties.

Chang said the first thing she wanted to do was to build a doghouse for the newest member of her family, “so it could spend the winter warmly.”

“This dog is truly blessed,” Chang’s neighbors said.

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