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CDC urges food safety

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday urged the public to pay greater attention to food safety during the Mid-Autumn Festival, noting that there has been an increase in emergency reports of diarrhea during the holiday period over the past three years. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sunday. The CDC said that while members of the public are keen on holding barbecues during the festivities, the food must be fresh and must be cooked until it is thoroughly cooked. Ill-stored and ill-prepared food can easily cause diarrhea or other intestinal infectious diseases, the CDC added. Diarrhea and intestinal infectious diseases are mainly spread through the fecal-oral route, so transmission can be through polluted food or water as well as being through droplet infection, the center said, adding that raw oysters show a marked level of pathogenic substances which can cause intestinal disease and diarrhea among those who eat the shellfish.


TV show mulls episode

US reptile expert and National Geographic host Brady Barr said on Monday that he would not rule out shooting a documentary on Taiwan’s creatures in the future. Taiwan has some of the richest biodiversity of any country in the world and has various poisonous snakes and unique reptiles, Barr said, as he discussed the possibility of shooting a film in Taiwan to promote conservation of the country’s unique species. Barr, on his third visit to Taiwan, is here to promote the protection of animals and share his encounters with huge crocodiles, pythons, sharks and salamanders while hosting Dangerous Encounters With Brady Barr on National Geographic. Speaking to a group of 700 elementary school students in New Taipei City (新北市), he told them about some of his most life-threatening encounters with animals, many of which have occurred in Asia.


Injured tourists stable

Three Chinese tourists who were injured in a bus crash while traveling in eastern Taiwan are in a stable condition, the hospitals to which they were taken said yesterday. The three were part of a tour group from Beijing. The bus carrying the group overturned on Provincial Highway 11 in Hualien County on Monday, leaving 28 other people slightly injured. The bus driver, Wang Shih-hsien (王釋賢), was questioned by prosecutors on charges of injury caused by occupational negligence, local police said.


Students create wheelchair

A creative wheelchair designed by Taiwanese students that helps the user get in and out of the chair without physical exertion has won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the design concept category, Trans-World University in Yunlin County said in a statement. The design was created by students Liao Min-hui (廖敏惠) and Hsu Chao-sheng (許朝盛), under the supervision of their teacher Chiang Chun-hsien (江俊賢). The key innovation is the wheelchair’s seat, which is initially set at a 35-to-40 degree angle, enabling users to make full contact with the seat as they go to sit on it and preventing them from falling into the chair. As the user sits down, the seat slowly and safely eases into a horizontal position with the air pressure providing resistance to keep the seat’s movement smooth. The air pressure then pushes the seat back up to help users get out of the chair without causing strain to their knees or other parts of their bodies.

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