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Balanced diet can keep eyes healthy, nutritionist says

By Jake Chung  /  Staff writer, with CNA

Staring into the electronic screens of TVs, cellphones and computers for protracted periods of time can lead to a gradual deterioration of vision over the long term, but eating the right foods can help stave off the harmful effects, Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital nutritionist Chan Shu-ting (詹舒婷) said yesterday.

Vitamins A, B and C are closely related to eye care, Chan said, adding that the three vitamin groups are found in assorted fruit and vegetables.

When people feel that their eyes are becoming dry or tired, an intake of foodstuffs rich in vitamin A — including egg yolk, milk or other dairy products, green or yellow-colored vegetables such as cauliflower, pumpkin, carrot and mango — would help, Chan said.

Chan said that a lack of vitamin B could increase the risk of optic neuritis or neuropathy — the symptoms of which include tears and blurry vision.

She added that eating whole brown rice, cereal germs, whole-wheat bread, green, leafy vegetables and bean products would all help prevent disease.

As vitamin C is an antioxidant, taking it can help prevent damage to the retina from UV rays as well as emissions from TVs and computer screens, Chan said.

Since vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored within the human body, daily ingestion of vitamin C is required, she said.

A daily diet with five kinds of vegetables and fruits — including at least two or three vegetables that are dark green in color — would go a long way to helping your eyes stay healthy, Chan said, adding that alcohol, smoking and saturated fats are to be avoided.

Healthy living habits and regular opthalmic check-ups, as well as a balanced diet, are essential to having healthy eyes, Chan said.

Eyes on the prize

‧ Vitamins A, B and C are closely related to eye care.

‧ Egg yolk, dairy products, green or yellow-colored vegetables — including cauliflower, carrots and mangoes — can bolster the health of the eyes.

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