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Third of agencies, state firms violate labor laws

FAILING GRADE:A new survey by the CLA showed the government ministries and firms failed to report, apply or adjust pensions or give proper labor insurance

Staff Writer, with CNA

More than 30 percent of government agencies and state-run companies violate labor laws, such as pension regulations, labor standards and the Employment Insurance Act (就業保險法), according to a recent survey published by the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA).

Among the 23 government agencies and state-run companies surveyed by the council between Oct. 21 and Nov. 25 last year, one-third were found to have violated pension regulations by not reporting or applying pension funds, or by failing to adjust the monthly pension fund set aside when an employee receives a salary increase or bonus.

Pension regulations established in 2005 stipulate that employers must set aside a monthly pension fund for employees that is equivalent to at least 6 percent of their monthly salary.

In addition, 16.66 percent of government agencies were found to have failed to complete related procedures within seven days for new employees, or for those who had quit, retired or died, the survey showed.

Among those found to have violated labor standards, 27.78 percent did not implement labor-management meetings in accordance with regulations, while 16.66 percent did not maintain attendance records and another 16.66 percent failed to publicize work regulations.

In addition, 22.22 percent of the companies surveyed were found to have violated the Employment Insurance Act by not providing employees labor insurance in accordance with their salaries, while 5.56 percent did not give new workers labor insurance coverage on their first day of work.

Under the Employment Insurance Act, employees must pay labor insurance of at least 8 percent of each worker’s salary.

The council said it had instructed the offending agencies to correct the violations.

The agencies surveyed included the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, while the state-run companies included Chunghwa Post Co, Chunghwa Telecom Co and Taiwan Power Co.

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