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Student accused of genital dragging

By Chiu Yi-tung  /  Staff reporter

A second-year junior-high school student may have injured his classmate after allegedly dragging him along the school hallway for about 4m to 5m by his genitals.

According to the victim, he was accosted by the classmate at the classroom entrance on Thursday after finishing his fifth period class at around 2pm.

“I’m going to grab your privates,” the victim quoted the classmate as allegedly saying.

The boy refused and walked back to his seat.

“He followed me back to my seat and started hitting me on the back before grabbing my privates and dragged me forward around 4 to 5m,” the victim said.

“I told him to let go because it hurt,” the victim said, adding that the classmate had yanked his genitals hard before letting go.

According to the victim’s parents, they felt something was wrong when their son returned home that day and when they went upstairs to see if they could help, they found him standing beside an open window crying and appearing as if he were about to commit suicide.

The boy later revealed what happened and added he was not the only one being bullied, the parents said.

The boy told his parents that other students have told him that aside from three students who were known to sneak cigarettes into school and smoke them, the remaining 14 students in the class of 18 have all had their privates touched by the bully at one point.

There were some students who said they were going to tell the teachers, the victim said, but they had been threatened with remarks such as: “Don’t you know who I am? You think you can go home alive after you rat me out?”

Following examination, doctors suggested close observation of the victim’s private parts until he reaches the age of 18, adding that attention must be paid as to whether there were symptoms of hematuria, as this would indicate that the function of the genitals had been damaged.

In response to the victim’s allegation that his teacher did not do anything for the bullied students over the past period of time, the dean of the school said that it is the school’s policy that an incident can only be determined as bullying by the school’s anti-bullying committee, and that teachers by themselves cannot make such judgments.

However, the dean added that if there were reports by students on bullying, the school would always look into and handle the matter.

The accused student has been given a demerit by the school.

Despite apologies from the alleged bully’s parents, the victim’s parents said they were resolute in their decision to press charges.

Translated by Jake Chung, Staff Writer

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