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Cancer main cause of death in Taipei last year: report

DEADLY DATA:Statistics from Taipei’s Department of Health also showed that Taipei residents have a longer average life span than the national average

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Cancer remained the top cause of death in Taipei last year, accounting for 29.9 percent of all deaths, according to statistics recently published by the Taipei City Department of Health.

The top cause of death last year for both men and women was cancer, 4,732 of the 15,384 deaths, followed by heart disease, 1,906 (12 percent), while cerebrovascular disease claimed 1,137 lives (7.2 percent), the statistics showed.

Suicide’s ranking slid for the fourth consecutive year, out of the top 10 to 12th place, while deaths caused by accidents returned to the top 10 list as the No. 10 main cause of death with 405 deaths (2.5 percent).

The standardized mortality rate in deaths caused by chronic respiratory disease grew the most compared with other causes of death, climbing 18.2 percent from a year earlier to 10.5 deaths per 10,000.

While the top three causes of death were the same for both genders, the standardized mortality rate for blood poisoning among men surged by 39.2 percent last year to 13.5 people per 10,000, while a significant decrease was seen in the rate of kidney disease which dropped by 8.3 percent to 9.7.

For women, the biggest growth in standardized mortality rates last year compared with 2010 was death caused by accidents, which increased by 13.1 percent to 6.5 deaths per 10,000, while deaths caused by problems with musculoskeletal systems and connective tissues declined by 27.2 percent to 5.5.

When broken down into age groups, statistics showed there were more deaths among the elderly, and that the average age of death was 74 in Taipei, which is higher than the national average of 70.6. Deaths among those above the age of 65 totaled 11,867.

The main cause of death among the elderly was disease, while for young people the main cause of death was accidents.

For young people between the ages of 15 and 24, the department’s statistics noted that accidents accounted for 39.5 percent of the 86 people that died last year, followed by cancer, 20.9 percent, and suicide, 16.5 percent.

The main cause of death among those aged 65 and over was cancer (25.8 percent), followed by cardiovascular disease (13.1 percent) and cerebrovascular diseases (8 percent).

Taipei’s standardized mortality rate was 343.5 deaths per 10,000 people last year, which grew by 4.4 (1.4 percent) compared with 2010.

The rate is lower than the national average of 462.4, and the city’s mortality rate is the second lowest out of Taiwan’s 22 counties and cities.

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