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Linsanity leads to sex advice in US

BANDWAGON:Apart from business deals being planned around Jeremy Lin, the US’ best-known sex therapist says lessons in bed could be learnt from Lin and basketball

By William Lowther  /  Staff Reporter in Washington

The New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin speaks to the media before the NBA All-Star BBVA rising stars challenge basketball game in Orlando, Florida, on Friday.


Ruth Westheimer — the US’ best-known sex therapist — is jumping aboard the Jeremy Lin (林書豪) bandwagon.

In an essay published on Friday on the Daily Beast Web site, Westheimer argued that everyone interested in sex could learn from Linsanity.

Along with a host of commercial companies, Dr Ruth, as she is known, is using Lin to “sell” her product.

A die-hard fan of the New York Knicks, she said that one lesson to learn from basketball and Lin is that “before the game begins” you should “go out onto the court and warm up.”

“Jeremy Lin came out of nowhere to seemingly save the season for the New York Knicks,” she added.

“Jeremy isn’t the tallest of basketball players, nor does he have the skills of a superstar, but he’s a Harvard grad — so in addition to his talents, he brings his brains to the basketball court,” Westheimer said.

Then she asked: “Now most of you don’t play basketball, so what does this have to do with you? Well, if your sex life isn’t all that hot, then there is a lot to learn from the basketball court that’s applicable to your bedroom, living room or kitchen floor!”

Dr Ruth, a household name in the US, said that sex, like basketball, is a team sport and if only one of you is making all the moves and the other is “just lying there,” you’re not going to have good sex, or even mediocre sex.

“You have to learn to play together and if you do, you can score repeatedly,” she said.

Dr Ruth added that just as Jeremy Lin has demonstrated, a team must learn to work together and establish good communication.

“It’s like the alley-oop play. If the guard throws the ball above the hoop and the center isn’t expecting the pass, it will go sailing into the stands,” she said.

“So in future when you’re watching the Knicks, or any team, keep in mind the role that teamwork plays in their success and then use that knowledge the next time you’re teaming up with your favorite player,” Westheimer added.

The sex advice came amid a bevy of business deals linked to Lin.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that the New York Knicks and Taiwan-based tire company Maxxis International had agreed on a marketing sponsorship.

It will run through the rest of this National Basketball Association season and allow Maxxis to advertise through courtside signs and on the scoreboard.

The deal is the first new sponsorship contract signed by the Knicks since Lin became a starter and is the team’s only current contract with a Taiwanese company.

At the same time, the Financial Times reported that Nike — the world’s biggest sporting goods maker — was making plans to use Lin to market its products in China.

Asked how Lin’s Taiwanese background would affect Nike’s plans, Charlie Denson, president of the Nike brand, said: “We’ll see. We haven’t really got that far yet.”

“All we know is that the kids who love basketball in China relate to Jeremy Lin. You know there are certain things that transcend certain things, and sometimes sport transcends governmental boundaries,” he said.

The Christian Science Monitor said on Friday: “Everyone wants a piece of Lin. He’s almost as hot a topic as an island in the South China Sea. And though there will be no navy called on over this battle, China and Taiwan are staking their claims to Lin’s success story.”

The Monitor quotes Mark Thomas, managing director of the S2M Group, a sports management firm in Shanghai, as saying: “If he carries on the way he is, he’s going to be a marketing sensation not only in the US, but pan-Asia.”

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