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Volunteer ‘retires’ again

An 88-year-old hospital volunteer has recently “retired” from a medical facility in Chiayi, where she served behind the service counter for 23 years. It was the second time Chen Hsiu-kuei (陳秀貴) had retired from the Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, where she was hired to work in the laundry room at the age of 40 and took her compulsory retirement when she turned 65. “I returned to the hospital a few days after my retirement,” Chen said. During her time as a volunteer, she said, her greatest satisfaction was “watching sad sick faces turn into ones wreathed in bright smiles” because of her help, she said. Lee Wen (李雯), head of the hospital’s social work office, praised Chen as “one of the most active elderly workers” at the hospital, describing her as humble and full of wisdom.


Rice wine makes baby ill

A grandmother in Greater Taichung caused a scare when she mistook a bottle of rice wine for boiled water as she prepared a bottle of formula for her granddaughter, causing the one-month-old to fall into a coma overnight, hospital officials said on Monday. The baby fell asleep after drinking the formula, but her entire body later turned scarlet, a spokesman for Fengyuan Hospital said. Upon discovering the infant’s condition at about midnight on Sunday, the baby’s parents took her to a pediatric clinic in their neighborhood for treatment. However, the clinic was closed, so the couple rushed to a fire station located next door for help, which dispatched the baby and her parents by ambulance to the hospital. After failing to wake the infant and discovering that she smelled strongly of alcohol, doctors in the emergency room put her on an IV drip to increase her metabolism. The baby was discharged from the hospital the next morning.


Group to play in Japan

A percussion group composed of autistic children is set to perform in Japan next week, organizers said on Monday. The Kaohsiung Autism Foundation said the Kaohsiung Autistic Percussion Group plan to participate in a seminar held at the University of Tokyo’s Komaba campus on Monday to discuss how it was established, the difficulties it has encountered and its future prospects. The group will stage its only concert of the trip at an education center on Tuesday, which will feature a solo performance and a joint performance with Japanese professors, the foundation said. The eight-member group is scheduled to depart on Saturday. The percussion group was established in 1991 to help autistic children improve their concentration and reduce their hyperactivity.


Scale proves effective

A scale called the Shoulder Fatigue Scale-30 Items (SFS-30) risk assessment developed by Liu Shuo-fang (劉說芳) of National Cheng Kung University has proven effective on neck and shoulder discomfort. Common causes of such discomfort can be divided into six core categories: occupational, cumulative, psychological, diseases, diet and sleep quality, Liu said. The SFS-30 was validated by using 101 patients who had been previously diagnosed with different levels of neck and shoulder symptoms, Liu said, and 78.57 percent of the participants experienced a discomfort level above the SFS-30 risk curve and required immediate medical attention. Since the scale is a widely used self-diagnostic tool in preventive healthcare, the SFS-30 is a highly reliable and low-cost instrument for patients who wish to be kept informed about the severity of their condition.

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