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PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen’s election platform

Prepared by Chris Wang  /  Staff Reporter

■ Increase the cultural budget and investment to develop local professionals and promote cultural creative industry.

■ Develop the art and culture industry to create employment and improve quality of life.

Social welfare

■ Allocate public funding of at least NT$40 billion over four years to establish a stable system for long-term care and a centralized task force reporting directly to the president.

■ Train more local caregivers, rather than hiring more from abroad, to create more job opportunities.

■ Ensure that unemployed people receive government subsidies and provide workers who are forced to take unpaid leave with short-term subsidies.

■ Implement healthcare reform.

■ Encourage a higher birthrate by providing women-friendly and family-friendly support and more public childcare facilities.

■ Provide rent-only social housing for the underprivileged and people with low incomes.


■ Reconstruct national history from multi-ethnic viewpoints and embrace Taiwan’s rich cultural diversity in all public policies.

■ Grant various languages the status of national language and combat ethnic discrimination.

■ Establish a new partnership with Aborigines and implement Aboriginal autonomy that would guarantee Aborigines management rights over their property and fiscal revenues.

■ Advance a discrimination-free policy on new immigrants and ensure their civil rights, as well as the rights of their children to health, education and employment.


■ Increase women’s participation in politics with female ministers and representatives to account for no less than one-third of the total number.

■ Promote a public childcare system.

■ Create women-friendly living spaces and work environments.

■ Democratize families by promoting gender equality.

■ Respect the rights of people of all sexual orientations.

■ Implement the concept of gender mainstreaming by assessing the different implications for men and women of all policies and legislation.


■ Provide public dormitories for university students and subsidies for economically challenged students.

■ Encourage universities to collaborate with local businesses to create job opportunities for young people.

■ Promote entrepreneurship among young people by providing public mortgages and a government-driven platform as an intermediary between entrepreneurs and businesses.


■ “Decompress” Taipei and the congested north by deploying new government facilities, institutions, corporate headquarters and innovative industries in central and southern Taiwan.

■ Transform Taipei by funding large-scale urban redevelopment programs and develop key cities along the high-speed rail line into regional hubs.

■ Allocate more funding and personnel, establish a comprehensive system for animal rescue, shelters and adoption, implement strict controls on illegal breeders and animal abandonment, and promote life education.

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