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Teen conman implicated in more crimes

By Lin Chun-hung  /  Staff Reporter

In addition to being allegedly caught trying to obtain an American Express Centurion card by illicit means, a netizen now alleges that 19-year-old Huang Chao-kang (黃照岡) was also the mastermind behind an Internet scam two years ago.

Huang, better known by his pseudonym Huang Chi (黃琪), gained notoriety in 2008 after he posed as a tarot card reader and an online consultant psychiatrist. Former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) reportedly visited Huang’s home in September 2008 for a -fortune-telling session.

Police arrested Huang again on May 20 for allegedly posing as Wei Hung-fan (魏宏帆), the second son of Wei Ing-chou (魏應州), chairman of the food and beverage giant Wei Chuan Corp and Ting Hsin International Group, the biggest producer of instant noodles in China, to obtain two American Express Centurion cards.

Centurion cards, also informally known as “black cards,” are charge cards issued by American Express catering to its more affluent and elite customers.

Huang reportedly spent more than NT$6 million (US$200,000). He also allegedly established a luxury goods company from which he earned NT$6.12 million, by using the two credit cards, depositing most of the money into a Mega Bank account.

A woman surnamed Sung (宋) also alleges that Huang scammed her into buying two apartments in Greater Kaohsiung and giving him NT$1.9 million in cash.

Sung claims she believed Huang was credible because he was accompanied by celebrity Amy Ho (何麗玲).

However, Ho said on Aug. 25 that she was also a victim and provided details of Huang’s scamming techniques, including a name card he had given her, as evidence that she was not working with the 19-year-old.

A netizen going by the username m44 noticed that the e-mail on the fake name card Huang was using was the same as that of an Internet con man who scammed NT$800,000 under the guise of buying dog food for stray dogs.

User m44 told reporters that on Aug. 20, 2009, a post was made by a dcdavid in the dog section on the PTT online bulletin board saying he was organizing an event for the Republic of China (ROC) Stray Animals Care and Help Association, with the aim of raising NT$800,000 to buy dog food for stray dogs.

The same e-mail was also found on a similar post found at the Chihuahua Legion site at with the username phoneofem, which appeared about six hours prior to the posting on PTT.

Though the funds were raised, dcdavid allegedly accused the dog food factory of not delivering the dog food to the kennels despite having paid it.

In a later post, dcdavid said he would refund the money, but required netizens who had donated to provide their personal information prior to the refund.

By November 2008, the matter remained unresolved and dcdavid stopped replying to queries on the matter.

Based on the claim that the e-mail on the name card was identical to that of the Internet scammer, the prosecution said it would investigate further to determine whether Huang was a suspect in the matter.

Translated by Jake Chung, Staff Writer

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