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Minister ordered to return illegally gained interest

WORKING RETIREE:Sun Ta-chuan took avantage of the 18% interest rate granted to retired civil servants, even after he took a post as a professor

By Yang Kuo-wen  /  Staff Reporter

Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) Minister Sun Ta-chuan (孫大川) was found to have illegally benefited from an 18 percent preferential interest rate for more than four years, and has been ordered by the Supreme Administrative Court to return the money.

The National Audit Office found out that, after stepping down as CIP deputy minister in 2000, Sun applied for a one-time retirement pension with the 18 percent preferential interest rate.

However, as he enjoyed the privilege, which is reserved for retired public servants, Sun worked as an associate professor at National Donghwa University, from February 2003 through July 2008.

According to regulations, Sun should have informed the government when he took the job at the university, as the preferential interest rate is supposed to be suspended if the beneficiary takes another government job.

The Ministry of Civil Service (MOCS) said that Sun has violated the Act Governing the Recompense for the Discharge of Special Political Appointees (政務人員退職撫卹條例) and therefore is required to return the interest he received during that time.

Sun appealed the decision to the administrative court, arguing that the rule only applies to people who choose to claim a monthly retirement pension, not those who choose to receive a one-time pension.

However, the Supreme Administrative Court disagreed with Sun’s argument, saying that the regulation was created to prevent people serving in official capacities from receiving double pay from the government.

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