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Granddaughter to attend Chiu Chin commemoration

Staff Writer, with CNA

Ahead of the celebrations for the Republic of China’s (ROC) 100th anniversary, the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission said it would hold a commemorative event for Chiu Chin (秋瑾), a Qing Dynasty-era revolutionary.

Because of her actions and views on gender equality, as well as her execution after a failed uprising, Chiu contributed to the overthrow of autocracy and the development of a democratic republic, the commission said.

The granddaughters of Chiu and Sun Yat-sen’s (孫中山) childhood friend Lu Hao-tung (陸皓東) have arrived in Taiwan and will attend a commemoration ceremony at the Martyrs’ Shrine today, the commission said.

A century after Chiu’s death, Chiu’s granddaughter, Wang Yanhua (王焱華), said that after seeing the democracy and passion of the ROC in Taiwan, her grandmother’s sacrifice had not been in vain.

Chiu (1875-1907) was an anti-Qing Dynasty revolutionary in the late 1900s. A feminist and a writer, she had known affiliations with both the Triads and the Tongmenghui, both organizations founded by Sun, the founding father of the ROC. She was executed by the Qing government after a failed uprising in Anqing, Anhui Province.

Born in Cuiheng Village in Xiangshan County, Guangdong Province, Lu (1868-1895) was the designer of the emblem (blue sky with a white sun) that was later used as the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) emblem and the design for the ROC flag.

In a telephone interview with CNA, Wang said she had often heard stories of her grandmother when she was young, adding that she felt sad that her grandmother had passed away at such a young age.

Wang said the ROC her grandmother had not lived to see was everything she could have wished for, adding that she would like to tell her grandmother that the ROC “lived up to her wishes and ideals.”

Wang said she expects to stay in Taiwan until the weekend and hopes to contact the publishers of the Biography of Chiu Chin, written by Chiu Chin’s daughter, Wang Canzhi and ask them to publish a new edition.

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