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Comments from interview taken out of context: Yang

Sensor spat:Yang said that the official responsible for her disqualification could not be forgiven, as the decision tarnished her reputation and insulted Taiwanese athletes

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Taiwanese taekwondo athelete Yang Shu-chun, who was disqualified in a controversial decision at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, last month, talks to reporters in Taipei on Monday.


Taiwanese taekwondo athlete Yang Shu-chun (楊淑君), who was controversially disqualified at the recent Asian Games, has demanded South Korean TV station SBS make amends and correctly convey her position after she alleged it took her comments out of context.

Yang was upset because some people interpreted portions of her SBS interview an apology from Yang to South Korea on behalf of Taiwan for the anti-Korean sentiment triggered by her disqualification.

Yang said on Monday that being a straightforward person, she did not expect things to get so complicated, and she hoped that SBS would make a clarification.

She said she agreed to the interview in the first place only because her South Korean coach was set to return to South Korea soon after his contract expired.

If she didn’t agree to the interview, she said, “he might have been a little bit worried about returning to South Korea,” because so many people blamed him for the incident.

However, when it came time to do the interview, she said she did not know that the TV station would edit it.

Taiwan’s Government Information Office (GIO) said SBS aired Yang’s interview “out of context,” and that the GIO office in South Korea had sent a letter to the TV station.

The letter stressed that Yang apologized to those South Koreans in Taiwan who were affected by anti-Korean sentiment, including Korean elementary schoolchildren who had eggs thrown at their school in Taipei.

However, she explained to SBS that those who disqualified her at the Games could not be forgiven, because the decision tarnished her reputation and insulted Taiwanese athletes.

The GIO said the TV station had incorrectly portrayed Yang’s opininons, which could mislead the Korean public. It asked SBS to air the interview in its entirety or make a clarification to avoid further complications.

Yang was controvertially disqualified from the women’s -under-49kg competition for allegedly wearing extra electronic sensors on her socks in the opening bout of the competition on Nov. 17. Video footage of the match, however, revealed that the sensors were not attached to her socks during the bout.

Some Taiwanese directed their anger about Yang’s disqualification at South Korea, because the technical official who disqualified Yang was a Philippine national of Korean descent and World Taekwondo Federation Secretary-General Yang Jin-suk, who gave inconsistent explanations of why Yang was disqualified, is a South Korean-born US citizen.

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