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Cockroach chaser falls four floors

By Wu Jen-chien  /  STAFF REPORTER

A hole in the rain canopy of a house on the first floor is pictured through broken roofing shingles from the roof of a building in Taipei County’s Yingge Township Tuesday. Wu Chen-yin fell from the fourth floor to the first floor after stepping through roofing shingles as he was chasing a cockroach with a broom.


A Taipei County man earlier this week suffered a minor concussion when he fell from the roof of a four-story building while chasing a cockroach.

Wu Chen-cheng (吳振成), 33, crashed through a fiberglass rain canopy three stories below before landing on his back on the ground floor in Yingge Township (鶯歌) on Tuesday. The man fell so hard that he left a silhouette-shaped hole in the rain canopy below.

Wu’s neighbors said they heard a loud thud followed by a scream and called the police when they found Wu lying on the floor unable to move.

Police officer Chiang Chin-yi (江進義) told reporters that when he arrived at the scene, Wu was still on the floor with a pained look on his face, but fully conscious. Wu was trying to comfort his crying five-year-old son, Chiang said.

Wu told emergency medical technicians that he had fallen as he was trying to kill a cockroach and accidentally stepped onto a fragile overhanging made of shingles. Chiang said police saw several of the insects on the rooftop.

Chiang said Wu was lucky to have sustained only minor injuries, adding that the first floor roof may have softened the impact as he hit the ground.

Wu’s father, however, told reporters that his son did not plan to kill the cockroach but rather wanted to set the pest free, and that Wu’s luck in not being seriously injured was a result of the kindness he showed the insect.

Wu was expected to be released from the hospital yesterday.

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