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Tsai hosts transparency group chair

By Jenny W. Hsu  /  STAFF REPORTER

The prevalent view on Taiwan*s judicial system is that it discriminates against pan-green politicians while turning a blind eye to the possible misdeeds of the pan-blue camp, Democratic Progressive Party Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen (絆荎恅) said yesterday.

Tsai made the remarks while meeting with Canada-based Transparency International chairwoman Hagutte Labelle at DPP headquarters.

Saying that her party remains unchanged on its commitment to integrity, clean governance and the promotion of public welfare, Tsai said: ※However, without a comprehensive legal mechanism, the rallying cry for clean government could be used as a tool for political revenge in some democratic developing countries.§

Tsai said that under the banner of anti-corruption, especially in the government*s latest resolve to clamp down on alleged bribery cases in the military during the last administration, the justice system often only goes after pan-green politicians, but ignores the possible misdeeds of the pan-blue camp.

Speculation about the possible involvement of certain individuals in the bribery scandal have already marred the reputation and dignity of the nation and of those named, she said, accusing the judiciary of not keeping information about an on-going case strictly confidential and away from the media.

She said that by releasing the information, the defendant*s rights had been severely damaged because ※the person would be tried by the media and the public before their day in court.§

She urged Transparency International to closely examine the moral ethics of each political party and its politicians as the group continues its observation of Taiwan.


At a separate setting yesterday, Control Yuan President Wang Chien-shien (卼膘嬧) vowed to thoroughly investigate what he called the ※appalling§ recent military scandals allegedly involving military personnel bribing officials for promotions.

※Could it be that everything is for sale, including &stars?*§ Wang said, referring to stars in military ranks. ※Does this kind of military have operational capability?§

Wang said the Control Yuan had set up three groups to investigate the alleged flaws in the military*s supervision system.

Wang declined to comment on whether the Control Yuan would exert its power of censure to suspend military officers from their duties during the investigation, saying that the time was not yet ripe for a decision.


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