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Butcher allegedly dismembers her cheating husband


A woman angry with her husband because he was allegedly unfaithful, killed him yesterday in front of their 10-year-old grandson and then dismembered his body, police said.

Wu Ah-yin (吳阿銀), 57, and her husband Chiang Tien-tsai (江添財), 55, were butchers who sold pork in Tucheng (土城), Taipei County.

The couple often quarreled because the wife accused her husband of having a mistress, saying he often stayed out late, a spokesman for the Tucheng Police Bureau, told reporters.

The couple are said to have quarreled again when Chiang came home drunk at about 1am yesterday. After Chiang had gone to sleep, Wu stabbed him with a butcher’s knife, killing him, and then dismembered his corpse, the spokesman said.

Wu allegedly cut off her husband’s head, hands, feet and genitals, and then sat in a chair waiting to be arrested by police.

The couple’s 10-year-old grandson, who was living with them because his father had died, saw the murder and ran to his uncle’s home to report the killing. The uncle called the police, who then arrested Wu.

When the uncle saw his dead father and the dismembered hands, feet and genitalia, he put the body parts in a plastic bag. When police brought the bag out of the bedroom into the living room where Wu sat in a chair complaining about her husband being unfaithful, Wu — upon seeing the bag and the body parts — was startled and seemed to suddenly realize that she had killed her husband.

Wu’s brother told reporters that his sister had been depressed since her younger son died and was angry because her husband had a mistress.

“They had been married for 40 years, but my brother-in-law was having an affair and did not look after the family, so her anger exploded, causing her to kill him,” he said.

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