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COA encourages people to increase egg consumption


The Council of Agriculture (COA) yesterday encouraged people to incorporate eggs into their breakfasts, saying that if there is one food that is nutritious, natural, inexpensive, easy to find and versatile, it is the chicken egg.

“Eggs contain a lot of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins that humans need, and can offer nutrients to people of all ages. While egg whites contain many amino acids, egg yolks contain antioxidants such as phosvitin,” Department of Animal Industry Director Hsu Tien-lai (許天來) said.

Though some people may scrape off their egg yolks to avoid taking in too much cholesterol, Hsu said the yolks also contain a nutrient called lecithin, which can help revitalize cells and enhance cell membranes.

Because eggs are one of the best sources of protein, together with milk and honey, they are said to be nature’s best nutrient supplies, he said.

Whether steamed, fried, boiled or as part of of oyster omelets, Hsu said that Taiwanese consume 6.5 billion eggs annually, which means that each person eats about 280 eggs a year.

“If you stacked up the annual egg consumption of 30 people, the eggs would pile up as tall as Taipei 101,” he said.

Hsu urged people to choose eggs that bear the brands of reputable farms or the Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) mark.

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