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China `overconfident': CIA

A US intelligence officer on Tuesday said China appeared to have too much confidence that it could manipulate the scale of a war with Taiwan. Lonnie Henley, an East Asia specialist in the office of the Director of National Intelligence, said Chinese officials were increasingly studying the concept of "war control" to evaluate scenarios should fighting break out with Taiwan. "Their confidence in their ability to modulate the intensity, scope, pace ... of the conflict is probably misplaced and that is dangerous for all concerned," Henley told an audience at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Henley also said the Taiwan Strait is the main hindrance to China easily conquering Taiwan. "Taiwan forces are capable and could put up a vigorous defense, but that's not the primary obstacle," he said.


Government mulls fairs

The government intends to set up four or five big holiday fairs around the nation to attract foreign visitors and stimulate domestic consumption, an official at the Council for Economic Planning and Development said yesterday. Although the nation already has many local fairs, this project would be the first holiday fair organized by the central government, the official said. The Council of Agriculture will form a team to select locations that meet government requirements for holding fairs, including sufficient space, good traffic flow and adequate parking facilities, the official said, adding that the government would subsidize local governments at the selected locations to improve public infrastructure with regard to parking lots, sites and water and electricity supplies.


Boyfriend hoards dynamite

A man in Changhua County was charged yesterday with plotting to kill his girlfriend after police seized 50 sticks of explosives that he had said he would detonate if his girlfriend insisted on leaving him. Lai Chin-tang (賴錦堂), 33, is an excavation machinery operator at a site in a mountainous area. Police said that Lai had started stealing nitroglycerin dynamite from his company in April with the intention of murdering his girlfriend for wanting to end their relationship. During a regular patrol on Saturday, two officers spotted Lai acting suspiciously. They followed him to an empty lot, where Lai realized he was being tailed. Lai ditched his motorbike and a bag of explosives and fled. Experts said the explosives -- used mainly for mining and demolition -- would be enough to destroy two three-story buildings.


KMT to sue Hsieh, DPP

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) said yesterday that it would file a defamation lawsuit against Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) for calling the KMT a "caretaker" and "killer" during the Martial Law era. Yang Tu (楊渡), commissioner of the KMT's culture and communication committee, said the party would file the lawsuit to combat Hsieh and the DPP's distortion of history of the Martial Law era, which they claim damaged the KMT's image. Last Saturday, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the end of 38 years of martial law, Hsieh called on the public not to allow the KMT, a "caretaker" who harmed the people, raped Taiwanese women and stole the country's property, to govern the country again. Furious at Hsieh's remarks, the KMT Central Standing Committee yesterday pushed the party to take action against Hsieh and the DPP.

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