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Air Force NCO commits suicide

UNBEARABLE The 23-year-old wrote that she had had enough of bullying by Air Force colleagues who spread rumors that she was having affairs with male officers

By Rich Chang  /  STAFF REPORTER

An air force noncommissioned officer (NCO) died on Saturday from her injuries after attempting suicide on Friday, claiming she was unable to bear bullying by her colleagues.

Hung Tzu-ning (洪子甯), 23, jumped from a building in Chiayi on Friday afternoon and died of her wounds in hospital early on Saturday morning.

"The Air Force has ordered military prosecutors to probe the incident, including Hung's allegations that she was seriously bullied in her unit," the Air Force Command said in a statement yesterday.

Hung was an NCO at Hsinchu Air Base.

Hung's sister, Hung Mei-lan (洪美蘭), told reporters at her residence in Changhwa County yesterday that her sister had complained to her that she was being seriously bullied in her base.

In her diary, Hung Tzu-ning wrote she suspected she was being filmed by hidden cameras at the base and that the films had been uploaded on the Internet, Hung Mei-lan said.

The Air Force said military prosecutors on Saturday had searched for the alleged hidden cameras at the base, including at Hung's dormitory room and in female restrooms. They found nothing.

Hung Mei-lan said her sister complained that her colleagues spread rumors that she had had affairs with her colleagues and supervisors, which had hurt her very much.

In her diary, Hung had written that her colleagues were spreading rumors of romantic affairs even when she was only having meals with male colleagues.

"They even said that I used to be a prostitute," she wrote.

She said that she could not bear this kind of treatment anymore, her sister said.

Hung Mei-lan said her sister had complained to her supervisors and had asked to be transferred to another unit, but her unit ignored her complaints.

Following initial interviews on Saturday, the Air Force said that Hung's colleagues said they had not heard anything about Hung's alleged affairs in the unit.

The Air Force said Hung was single and that she lived a simple life, adding that she worked hard and acted normal at the base and that she had no history of mental illness.

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