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Statute change proposed

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Yu Jan-daw (余政道) yesterday proposed an amendment to the Medals Statute (勳章條例) in a bid to abolish an honorary medal named after dictator Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石). Among the medals the government usually issues, the Chungcheng Medal (中正勳章) was created in 1979, four years after Chiang's death, Yu said. The medal is awarded to those who "have special achievements in carrying out the Three Principles of the People: making a special contribution to opposing the Chinese Communist Party and making outstanding contributions to reviving Chinese culture or making a praiseworthy achievement in practicing democracy and the constitution." "The medal should be abolished," Yu said, adding that his proposal is part of transitional justice.


NCC okays Sparq request

The regulating body for communications, the National Communications Commission (NCC) said yesterday it had approved an application from Sparq (速博) to acquire 60,000 phone numbers for its online phone service. Those who subscribe to the service will receive an 11-digit number that begins with 070. Instead of using a computer, users can dial their 070 number from a cellphone. The approval will allow the company to start negotiations on issues related to cross-network connections with other telecom companies. It also made Sparq the first telecom company to obtain online phone numbers from the commission. The approval did not require the company to set a timeline for launching the service. "It [the timeline] will be solely determined through the company's negotiations with others," NCC spokesperson Howard Shyr (石世豪) said.


Corpse kept at home

Two elementary school students slept with their grandfather's corpse for one week after the man died, a newspaper said yesterday. The two boys lived in Taiping (太平市), Taichung County, with their grandfather and uncle, the Apple Daily reported. On Wednesday last week, their grandfather died of an illness. Their uncle had no money to bury the corpse, the paper said. The uncle warned his two nephews not to tell others. The uncle was then hospitalized, leaving his nephews home alone. On Tuesday, a teacher noticed the boys were acting strangely and visited their home. She found the corpse and called the police. The city government agreed to find foster homes for the boys and the neighborhood committee paid for a funeral.


Students in knife attack

Two unidentified assailants armed with knives attacked two male students on the campus of George Vocational High School of Taipei on Keelung Road late yesterday afternoon, the school's principal said. Firefighters and other emergency response personnel were called to the school after the two students were stabbed; they were rushed to a hospital as the assailants escaped. School principal Yu Li-liang (俞禮亮) said that details were sketchy and there were few witnesses at the scene. The attack happened very quickly after the two assailants entered the campus, he said, adding that authorities had yet to confirm their identities or motive. Yu also said that his school's campus was sprawling and open and therefore hard to defend against such attacks.

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