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China has military edge, US panel says

ARMS BALANCE A US government advisory panel warns that the US might not be able to effectively counter a Chinese attack on Taiwan between 2008 and 2015


The draft report says many experts agree that the US faces a 2008-2015 "window of vulnerability" if the US made a decision to intervene militarily "in a pre-conflict China-Taiwan crisis or in a China-Taiwan crisis."

"Many of the Chinese modernization programs focused on Taiwan, including weapons systems such as submarines, destroyers, cruise missiles, and maneuverable ballistic missiles, and advances in C4ISR [command and control-related capabilities] and targeting, will be deployed around or soon after 2008, while some US capabilities to defeat these advances, such as ballistic missile defenses, littoral strike assets, and an integrated anti-submarine warfare network, probably will not become operational until approximately 2015," the draft report says.

This, it says, will "decrease the deterrent effect of the possibility of US intervention in a China-Taiwan conflict."

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