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Civic group wants nation's capital to `move southward'

UNFAIR The Southern Taiwan Society said the nation's development continues to be focused on the north at the expense of the south


A pro-independence civic group expressed its support yesterday for a call to "move the nation's capital southward," saying that two government agencies could move south as a first step toward accomplishing the goal.

The Southern Taiwan Society claimed in a press release that the nation's development has long focused on the north of the country at the expense of the south, citing various examples to illustrate the point.

A luxury house in a premier section of Taipei could sell for more than double that of similar property in Kaohsiung. Hardware computer industries are centered in northern Taiwan, while the salary of a software computer engineer in the south is only two-thirds that of a counterpart in the north, according to the society.

The lagging behind of southern Taiwan has become even more evident as time goes by, it said.

Noting that a "moving the nation's capital southward alliance" has been formed by several civic groups in southern Taiwan, which has pledged indefinite promotion of the idea, the society said that it will throw its full weight behind the cause.

The group claimed that the situation of Tainan is similar to that of Kyoto in Japan, saying that its cultural aura and simple beauty make its development distinctively different from other cities.

If the Ministry of Education and the Council for Cultural Affairs can be moved to Tainan, it would lead to a renaissance of the city and mark the first step toward the goal of moving the capital southward, the group said.

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