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Education bureau looking to promote family harmony

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Authorities in Taoyuan are looking to give a boost to family life with a new campaign that aims to get families together


The County Bureau of Education in Taoyuan recently launched a campaign called "1-6-8" to promote its concept of the "healthy family."

Taoyuan County Commissioner Chu Li-lun (朱立倫) of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) explained the idea of "1-6-8" earlier last week, saying that in a healthy family, there are six ways to boost close ties between spouses and eight ways for people to enhance child-parent relations. This is the key to cultivating close family relationships, he said.

Encouraging the county's residents to say the word "love" from time to time, Chu said he hopes people can adopt the concept of "love" as featured in the 2000 Hollywood film Pay It Forward, and carry out that notion in their daily lives.

Bureau Director of Education, Chang Ming-wen (張明文) said that every day there are six ways to strengthen husband-wife ties: give your spouse a hug, do something for him or her, share your experiences every day and listen to your partner carefully, conduct one activity together every week, respect that person's need to be alone and be willing to face all challenges together.

Outlining eight ways to enhance parent-child relationships, Chen stated that parents need to embrace their children every day, give them daily compliments, listen to them speak about their day at school, express gratitude daily for something together with their children, conduct one activity together every week, keep children company during one activity they are interested in, encourage children to accomplish one mission and then compliment them on achieving the goal, and educate them together with your spouse in a manner that shows determination and kindness.

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