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Feng shui believed to be behind junta's move

BAD VIBES Myanmar's military dictators are relocating their nation's capital -- and members of the Myanmarese expatriate community in Taiwan think they know why


Government buildings, mansions for officials, national headquarters for ethnic groups, an airport, a hospital, a golf course as well as bunkers and tunnels were being built.

Jagan said the construction of the new capital had been delayed due to shortage of cement and timber. The junta did not want to import construction materials because it wanted to keep its plan a secret.

When Jagan's article appeared on the Internet, many people thought the Myanmar leaders were crazy.

"Nutters always live in fear and jump at shadows. It's what they do best," one reader wrote.

Another reader wrote: "Nobody has been interested in Burma since the Brits left after World War II. Who are these guys worried about?"

The US and other Western nations have not made military threats to Myanmar. They have only imposed sanctions on Myanmar to force it to stop abusing human rights and release pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest most of the past 16 years.

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