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Chen calls for dialogue

POLITICS The president called for talks with opposition parties in a wide-ranging speech that also encompassed diplomatic tactics, succession in the DPP and fruit exports


President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday said he will adopt an open, flexible mindset to smooth relations between the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition parties, and called for rational dialogue.

While delivering the opening speech for the 2005 Leaping Forward Workshop for Association Leaders, organized by the Institute of Democracy which is associated with DPP, Chen said that, when facing diverse issues, he had adopted a mindset that would allow him to both reconcile with stakeholders, while also maintaining an unflinching attitude that ensured a firm stance.

Similarly, when facing speculation on potential candidates in the DPP to succeed him, Chen said he employed the same attitude.

"A real leader cannot be designated in advance. A leader will be naturally recognized based on his or her long-term accomplishments rather than short-term speculation in political circles," Chen said.

Chen said that flexibility has to be kept in mind when dealing with both domestic matters and diplomatic affairs.

"Before leaping higher and farther, you have to squat lower to gather the energy you need. The strategy is about flexibility and nimbleness," Chen said.

Taking cross-strait relations as an example, Chen said that at many critical moments in the past, Taiwan had adopted flexible and practical strategies to deal with China's interference with Taiwan's participation in the international community, enabling the nation's interests to be defended.

"That's why Taiwan became the 144th member of the World Trade Organization and was also able to take part in activities run by the World Health Organization," Chen said.

Chen added that the pleasant atmosphere during cross-strait flights for the Lunar New Year holidays had quickly been destroyed by China's passage of its "Anti-Secession" Law aimed at blocking any moves toward Taiwanese independence.

Chen said that China's luring in of leaders of opposition parties in Taiwan months ago and its recent offer of tariff-free imports for some Taiwanese fruit were tricks aimed at dividing the Taiwanese people.

"However, the Taiwanese government ruled by the DPP continues to adopt cautious, practical and rational strategies to maintain a state of equilibrium ensuring both democracy in Taiwan and cross-strait peace," Chen said.

Meanwhile, Chen said he would also like to adopt an open mindset to smooth relations between the DPP and opposition parties.

"I'd like to reconcile and start a rational dialogue with opposition parties, without calculating political interests," Chen said.

Chen was accompanied by Premier Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) at the event yesterday. DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), meanwhile, was too busy to attend.

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