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Another Dunhua Road accident kills three


Three young men and women died yesterday morning in a car accident at the intersection of Taipei City's Bade Rd. and Dunhua North Rd., at the same location of another car accident that killed two young models last Halloween.

According to the police, the car accident took place around 3:40am yesterday, while 21-year-old Huang Jen-min (黃任民), 22-year-old Lo Min-hua (羅敏華) and 22-year-old Hung Fu-tsung (洪福聰) were on their way home after they came out of one of the night clubs on the top floor of the Core Pacific Mall in Taipei City.

Police investigation showed that Huang drove his silver station wagon, gave a ride to Lo and Hung, and allegedly was speeding down Bade Rd., heading west.

When they went past the intersection, Huang's station wagon suddenly went the wrong way and was totaled after it crashed into a cab, driven by 46-year-old Lin Yun-fu (林雲富).

After the crash, Huang's vehicle flipped over and slid into a light pole in the middle of Bade Rd. after which the station wagon was almost broken into two pieces.

"I saw their car jump and crash into the pole after the direct hit with my car. It was horrible," Lin said in his statement to the police. "Everything happened too fast to react."

rescue team

The rescue team spent nearly an hour to get Huang, Lo and Hung out of the vehicle because the vehicle was seriously damaged and the doors could not be opened.

After the crash, Lin was suffering from minor injury. However, the police said that Huang and Hung died immediately at the scene while Lo died at around 6am.

The police said that the actual cause of the car accident still needs to be investigated.

But apparently, Huang's vehicle spun out of control because of the heavy rain on Friday night and he was driving far too fast, according to witnesses.

The intersection has been one of the most dangerous locations in the city because of its unclear traffic direction signs, heavy traffic and reckless drivers.

Just last Halloween, two young female models were killed at the same location because the taxi cab they were riding got totaled by a bus while the bus was illegally making a left turn from Bade Rd. to Dunhua North Rd.

reckless drivers

"There is a big `no left turn' sign for all traffic traveling on Bade Rd. toward the west. However, many people constantly ignore that sign," said a traffic police officer who wished to remain anonymous.

"To remind these reckless drivers to slow down and follow the traffic rules, we established a camera at the intersection but still, reckless drivers are still reckless.

They just do not care," the officer added.

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