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Fireworks rules tightened

PUBLIC SAFETY New rules that will come into effect on July 1 require vendors to gain approval from the government before putting fireworks on the market


Fireworks vendors selling products that haven't been approved by the government will face stiff fines beginning on July 1, when new rules take effect.

The Act Governing the Licensing and the Classification of Firecrackers (一般爆竹煙火型式認可及個別認可作業辦法), which was passed last June, stipulates that all fireworks put on the market, whether manufactured domestically or abroad, must bear a label indicating they've been approved by the government.

New Fines

Vendors who sell unlicensed firecrackers will face a fine of between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000 per violation.

Once the act comes into effect, manufacturers must abide by two strict regulations.

"Prior to the manufacturing of a certain model of firecracker, manufacturers need to send us a product specification proposal. Then, the finished products are to be brought in for inspection before being sold," Lee Chin-an (李清安), director of the National Fire Administration's Hazardous Material Management Department, said yesterday.

The administration falls under the Ministry of the Interior (MOI).

Last November, the MOI commissioned the Chinese Fire Protection and Safety Center (財團法人消防安全中心基金會) to license firecrackers.

The new regulations are to ensure public safety and to curb the illegal production of firecrackers, which has cost the lives of many workers over the years.

To date, 10 products have been approved and licensed.

Up until July 1, firecracker manufacturers and vendors selling unlicensed products will not face fines, but are urged to comply with the new regulations as soon as possible.

The administration aims to launch a series of programs to educate the public about the new regulations before the act comes into effect.

On Feb. 2, the administration held a press conference to inform the public of the new rules, and sent announcements to all firecracker manufacturers and vendors through various fire departments.

Sound Alternative

To encourage the public to use fewer fireworks, the administration made audio files of firecracker sounds available on its Web site prior to the Lunar New Year in hope that the public might download and play the sounds, instead of setting off actual firecrackers.

Over the Lunar New Year, there were no reported incidents caused by fireworks, compared to 26 incidents reported last year.

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